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A straight razor shave offers a more precise cut and look for a fresh, clean face. You'll keep that freshly shaved feeling longer, and for many people with sensitive skin, it also prevents painful razor burn.

Come in for the tradition of the mug, brush, and soap of a straight razor shave. You'll enjoy the comfortable atmosphere at our shop.

A traditional, full-service barber shop at its finest.

Bringing back the classic look of a straight razor shave

 • Clean look

 • Precise cut

 • Shaped beard

 • Traditional comfort

If a traditional straight razor shave is not what you are looking for, never fear. We also offer regular shaves at just the right price.

Call to learn more about our straight shaving techniques.


Try a straight razor shave for your smoothest skin

Let the pros take over

Straight razor benefits

A modern look and feel

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